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Challenge 2

Life Cycle Zero C02 Emissions

To achieve the objectives of our Life Cycle Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge we are working on more environmentally-friendly vehicle designs that use raw materials with lower amounts of carbon. We are designing vehicles with fewer parts too. We are making greater use of biomaterials from renewable sources while making our vehicles easier to dismantle and recycle.

Our goals for the yars ahead

  • 2050 Global Challenge

    Our goal is to completely eliminate CO2 emissions from the entire vehicle life cycle.

  • 2030 Global Mid-Term Target

    By 2030 our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 25 per cent or more over the entire vehicle life cycle, compared to 2013 levels.

Our achievements so far

Some of Toyota global achievements so far
  • CO2 emissions from the new Prius plug-in hybrid electric vehicle were 5% lower than the previous model; CO2 emissions can be further reduced by 31% by using renewable energy.

  • The CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is an organisation that recognises companies with high-quality environmental impact disclosure in its annual scoring process. The top companies make it onto CDP's A-List. In 2017, Toyota received an A-List score in climate change.

Some of Toyota Europe's achievements so far
  • CO2 emissions from the new Yaris Hybrid were 38.4% lower compared to the previous Yaris