1. Occupational Health and Safety Policy
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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The physical and mental health of every individual is of paramount importance to our Company.  We affirm our commitment not only to our employees but also to our partners, customers, and the broader community by:


• Complying with national, community, and international regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety, and

• Establishing and maintaining working conditions that ensure, to the highest degree possible, the reduction of occupational risk to levels that are increasingly lower and acceptable.

Through comprehensive training sessions and risk assessment studies, our Company has certified 12 colleagues for Internal Protection and Prevention Services (IPPS), 16 Safety Representatives, as well as 15 trained colleagues in First Aid and Emergency Incidents. The committees formed by our colleagues will ensure the well-being and safe working conditions through their recommendations and proposals, fostering a collaborative effort to ensure the Safety and Health of all.


Our Company's commitment to safety and inclusivity is upheld through the following practices:


• Fostering a culture of Safety & Health.

• Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation on Occupational Health and Safety.

• Actively engaging employees in Safety & Health issues through Safety Committees.

• Operating and continuously improving a documented Occupational Health and Safety Management System in our workplaces.

• Identifying hazardous situations, assessing related risks, and the subsequent impacts on affected individuals.

• Conducting risk assessments for each hazardous situation using scientific methods.

• Implementing control measures to eliminate or mitigate risks and monitoring their effectiveness.

• Regularly reassessing risks for further improvement of safety and health standards.

• Providing training to staff members on protection and prevention issues, emergency incident handling, and first aid in the workplaces using appropriate equipment.

To ensure the effective implementation of the risk management system, (1) we operate an Internal Protection and Prevention Service (IPPS) with trained IPPS and (2) a Safety Committee chaired by the Company's Safety Officer, consisting of members representing all colleagues. The Committee convenes regularly, records its decisions, and upon consultation, these decisions are approved by the Management Team and implemented according to predetermined schedules under the responsibility of designated individuals in each case.

Our Company conducts training and professional development programs on a systematic basis, involving personnel participation in in-house and multi-company seminars, as well as technical training provided by reputable experts and/or experienced staff. The company conducts firefighting/evacuation exercises on a regular basis.


The Management Team of our company wholeheartedly supports every endeavour that enhances the Safety and Health of all individuals involved. We systematically monitor and comply with legislative developments, announcements from the Labor Inspection Department, and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

In any instance where practices or actions deviate from this commitment, the Management Team will take the necessary measures to ensure proper practices, safety, and well-being of all individuals and fulfil our obligation to Society.