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Toyota Protect

There’s nothing quite like that brand new gleaming car feeling. Toyota ProTect is a revolutionary way of giving your car a showroom finish that lasts for years to come—whether your car is new or used. Unlike traditional wax and advanced polymer sealants, just one application of Toyota ProTect’s ceramic coating for cars gives you five years’ guaranteed peace of mind.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value

A shiny showroom finish isn’t just about looking good—it’s about maintaining the value of your car. Toyota ProTect helps keep your car in the best possible condition, ensuring an enhanced trade-in value or selling price when you decide to change your vehicle. The transferable guarantee is also more attractive to buyers and reassures them that your vehicle is a sound investment.


  • Exterior

    Safeguard your vehicle with a ceramic hardened finish that provides the ultimate car paint protection from road grime, acid rain, road salt and UV rays to leave a long lasting high gloss finish. And includes hydro-repellent properties that prevent water streaking.

  • Interior

    Creates an invisible shield that protects interior fabrics from everyday dirt and grime. Simply wipe away all kinds of substances without staining your upholstery.

  • Alloy Wheels

    Keep your alloy wheels clean and shining with lasting protection against brake dust, road grime and weather.

How does it work?


Toyota ProTect is a ceramic coating for cars, derived from an advanced NASA coating that forms a molecular bond with your car surfaces and acts as a protective shield for your vehicle’s interior and exterior. To find out more, please download the PDF below:

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There is no product as effective as Toyota ProTect, and it’s exclusively available via professional application by a Toyota Authorised, and approved repairer. So to keep your Toyota newer for longer with our 5 year guarantee book your Toyota ProTect treatment today.


There’s no need to use polish, wax or any product other than a mild shampoo or vehicle wash concentrate when you wash your car.

Yes. It can be professionally applied to new or used vehicles.

Yes. The Toyota ProTect will not be affected.

A well-maintained car wash on the cheapest cycle will not damage Toyota ProTect in any way.

Yes. Toyota ProTect resists detergents very effectively.

Any good quality car shampoo is suitable for cleaning vehicles that have been treated with ProTect, as long as it does not contain wax.

Your authorised Toyota Dealer / Repairer can reinstate ProTect on all relevant vehicle parts as part of your insurance claim.