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Challenge 5

Establishing a recycling based system

To help build an ideal resource/recycling-based society, we are working in four key areas: making greater use of eco-friendly materials; designing and using longer-lasting parts, developing more effective and thorough recycling technologies, and recycling more materials from old cars when making new ones. 

Our goals for the years ahead

  • 2050 Global Challenge

    Our goal is to promote global deployment of end-of-life vehicle treatment and recycling technologies and systems

  • 2030 Global Mid-term Target

    By 2030 our goal is to complete the establishment of battery collection and recycling systems globally, as well as the creation of 30 model facilities that match local facilities for appropriate treatment and recycling of end-of-life vehicles.

Our achievements so far

Some of Toyota global achievements so far
  • ... in rare earth neodymium use in each hybrid electric motor

Some of Toyota Europe's achievements so far
  • Our shredder trial test on a Prius plug-in hybrid electric vehicle achieved 96.9% reuse and recovery

  • ... of a car