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New Generation Yaris Van

With top performance and economy, the new generation Yaris Van remains unstoppable combining fully hybrid electric technology with compact dimensions and sharp design to meet every challenge. Put forward your business with a space large enough to accommodate every need, ergonomics and enviable performance.

The most efficient partner

The new 1.5L 116hp hybrid engine creates an incomparable combination of exciting performance and top economy. With e-CVT standard automatic transmission, it has the lowest consumption in the category, just 3.8lt / 100km. in a mixed cycle, CO2 emissions 86g and zero consumption up to 80% of the daily route.

 Alternatively, choose the 1.5L 125hp engine that offers instant response and acceleration, with the world's highest thermal efficiency of 40% and real fuel economy.

A small Van that thinks like a big one

The designed and specially designed loading space of 960 liters ensures the ideal working conditions from loading to unloading. It has the smallest external length of 3.9m for easy parking, the largest door opening 1.7m for maximum space, the largest wheelbase 2.56m for top stability, with a special non-slip floor, lashing hooks and a complete metal divider..


The safest compact Van in the world

With safety features that include advanced Collision Avoidance, Traffic Signal Recognition, Lane Keeping Assist, Cruise Control, 8 airbags, and state-of-the-art center airbag innovation for side impact protection, you can rest assured that the new Yaris Van provides the most secure and reliable work.