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Challenge 3

Plant Zero C02 Emissions Challenge

Our Plant Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge includes rationalising our manufacturing processes, making them shorter so that less CO2 is produced. We will make our facilities more energy-efficient and adopt renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, and low-carbon power, including hydrogen energy.


  • 2050 Global Challenge

    Our goal is to achieve zero CO2 emissions at all manufacturing plants worldwide by 2050.

  • 2030 Global Mid-Term Target

    By 2030, our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from global plants by 35 per cent compared to 2013 levels.


  • Some of Toyota global achievements so far

    Representing CO2 emissions from Toyota plants and offices located around the world (Asia, Noth America, Europe, China)

  • Some of Toyota Europe's achievements so far

    More than 72% reduction in CO2 emission per unit produced in European plants, compared to 2013 levels.

Our manufacturing plants are going steamless

CO2 emissions in our plants come from the energy used in the manufacturing processes. Audits carried out by our plant assessment team highlighted how energy efficiency can be considerably improved within our steam processes.

They studied the steam processes in the two manufacturing plants in Europe where steam is used – Toyota Motor UK Burnaston (TMUK) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT). At both sites, they identified the potential to reduce energy losses from 33% to 8% by completely eliminating the steam process and replacing it with simpler and smarter processes.TMUK has completed the final stage of their steamless plant project, removing  redundant steam-generating boilers. TMMT is working to achieve their steamless dream by 2020.