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Kenshiki: Where the Future Begins

Welcome to Kenshiki, where we invite the European Media, to share our vision for the future of mobility. Every year it’s a wonder of new possibilities. So join us and let’s go beyond.

Mobility For All

We believe everyone deserves access to the opportunities mobility provides. Wherever they live, whatever their age or ability. Mobility is for all, without limits and with no one left behind.

Every Step Counts

We’re on a mission to full carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040*. Yes, it’s a big leap but we’ll get there step by step through a multi-technology approach that provides Toyota drivers with a range of low and zero tailpipe emission vehicles*—from hybrid to plug-in hybrid to hydrogen, and full battery electric.

Optimism Never Rests

We were the first to pioneer Hybrid technology, but we didn’t stop there. Today we’re accelerating our BEV offering to customers with the next generation of battery electric mobility solutions that will be more accessible and with even better range.

As always, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

This year at Kenshiki, we’re taking another exciting step forward, as we reveal our thrilling new fully-electric concepts The Toyota Urban SUV Concept, the Toyota Sport Crossover Concept, the Toyota FT-Se, the Toyota FT-3e.
Far from just concepts, Kenshiki is the place for our industry to see real models set to hit showrooms in the next 12-36 months. A multipath approach to the future of cars.

Electric Concepts Showcased

*Vehicles may still have emissions at other points of their lifecycle, e.g. their manufacturing, maintenance or end-of-life.