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Toyota Relax

1 year warranty whenever you service with us, for up to 10 years vehicle age*.

Every moment together counts

Wherever life takes you. Choose total peace of mind with Toyota Relax 1 year warranty, whenever you service at an eligible retailer, for up to 10 years vehicle age or 185.000 kms from the vehicle’s first registration*. Even if you’ve last serviced your Toyota at an independent garage or anywhere else.​

Complete Terms & Conditions available here.

Book, Service, Be Covered​

It doesn't matter whether you bought your Toyota new or used. Toyota Relax is the easiest way to be covered after the manufacturer warranty has expired, as long as your Toyota is eligible as per the terms and conditions.




Get more with your Toyota service

As well as getting a one year warranty, there are additional benefits of servicing your car at Toyota.​

  • Genuine Toyota parts​

    Genuine parts, designed and tested to meet our standards.​
  • Certified Technicians ​

    Toyota trained technicians that know every detail of every Toyota.​
  • Mobility car

    Keep on driving a Toyota while yours is in the workshop. Our range of mobility cars are here to keep you and your family on the road.

Terms and Conditions

With Toyota Relax, we automatically extend the warranty for your Toyota by 12 months as proof of the quality, reliability and longevity of our vehicles. Have your annual inspection carried out by us and enjoy peace of mind – up to 10 years vehicle age or 185,000 km, whichever comes first.
Terms and Conditions Scope of the Toyota Relax Warranty


Toyota Relax is available for all vehicles up to 10 years old or 185.000 kms from the vehicle’s first registration. It covers only vehicles intended for use in the European market. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further details.

Yes, you are always welcome! Whenever your vehicle has a maintenance at an authorised Toyota dealer, you will benefit from a Toyota Relax until your next service is due. That is, 1-year or 15.000 km warranty (whichever comes first) for most Toyota vehicles*. Relax can only be granted if your vehicle is less than 10 years old or fewer than 185.000 km from the first registration of your vehicle.


*Please check your vehicle Service and Warranty booklet to discover your vehicle service schedule.

Your vehicle will benefit from Toyota Relax, regardless of whether you have had your previous maintenance outside of the Toyota Authorised Network. As long as your vehicle meets the eligibility criteria and your most recent maintenance has been conducted within the Toyota Authorized Network, it qualifies.

Yes, you are always welcome! You will benefit from Toyota Relax until your vehicle reaches 10 years old or 185.000 km mileage from the vehicle’s first registration. Where Toyota Relax Warranty has expired or where a vehicle exceeded its recommended service, Toyota Relax Warranty will beging 30 days from the date the scheduled service has been completed.

You have the flexibility to choose any workshop for your next maintenance. However, to extend your Relax cover for an additional 12 months, you'll need to carry out maintenance at the Toyota Authorized Network. We look forward to servicing your vehicle again and ensuring it benefits from a new Toyota Relax. Our commitment to providing exceptional service remains available to you and your vehicle.

While still benefiting from Relax, you remain entirely free to have additional services provided by a non-Authorised Toyota Repairer. The use of a non-Authorised Toyota Repairer does not affect the Relax coverage validity, unless the defect for which the additional warranty is claimed was the result of work done by a non-Authorised Toyota Repairer. Read the Terms and Conditions for more details.