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Toyota Car Care Kit Special Offer

Whether new or used, keep your Toyota in top condition with our range of dedicated Toyota car care items. You can now benefit from our 15% discount on the Toyota Car Care kit.

  • Toyota Branded Bag

    High quality nylon bag, with dedicated areas to store your car care products. The bag also comes equipped with an all-purpose microfiber cloth. 

  • Toyota Window Cleaner

    Enables a glare and film free cleaning of all car glass surfaces and thus brings active safety in all driving conditions, like night, fog and rain car rides.

  • Toyota Dashboard Care

    The surface shows a “like new” brilliance and prevents dust, dirt and water-repellent characteristics for nearly half a year.

  • Toyota High Gloss Polish

    Dedicated car polishing agent designed for the visual conditioning and preservation of new or reconditioned standard and metallic paints.

Benefit now from this special offer and have this package for only €52.71 (VAT included)