1. Toyota Easy
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Toyota Easy

Toyota has configured everything you need to drive into one easy, flexible, and affordable mobility solution called Toyota Easy — putting your needs first. From easy car finance to insurance, maintenance, and even tyres, we’ve simplified the entire process to make it easier than ever before.

Step 1

Small deposit
You choose the amount of money you want to pay for your new Toyota car.

Step 2

Affordable monthly payment*
Your monthly payments are then calculated on the difference between the price of the car minus the agreed Optional Final Payment and the deposit.

Step 3

Optional Final Payment 
We set a minimum guaranteed future value, giving you peace of mind knowing what your Optional Final Payment is, in case you decide to keep your Toyota.

*All monthly payment percentages are derived from a financial arrangement with a banking institution, wherein the payment amount is set in accordance with the Toyota Easy financing program, featuring a deposit of approximately 25%. The 35 monthly installments and the assurance of future value/optional total settlement are contingent upon banking approval. Specific criteria, terms, and conditions are applicable.

Toyota Easy is an innovative way of owning your favourite new Toyota and the most convenient, most flexible and the most advantageous car ownership scheme on the market.

Benefit from unique advantages that only Toyota can offer:

  • Enjoy completely free maintenance and repairs for the first 3 years after your purchase.
  • Enjoy a new Toyota every 3 years.