1. Trade in your car
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Trade In Your Car

Thinking of buying a new car, and trading in your old car? You can easily calculate a price estimate if you Trade In your car. All you have to do is complete four steps:
  • 1. Vehicle Information

    Add your vehicle details (Make, model, number plates, milage etc.).

  • 2. Vehicle Condition

    Add as much information possible about the condition of your vehicle. Not all fields are mandatory.

  • 3. Your Contact Details

    Give us your contact details and we will get back to you within 48 hours with your valuation.
  • 4. Your Valuation

    We will provide you with your guide price valuation. We will not issue a final valuation until we inspect your car physically.


Car Pricing

The price of the car is determined based on the information provided by the customer. The price generated by this service is an estimate and must be confirmed by the Toyota dealer of your choice.

You will receive an estimate for a passenger car (excluding electric cars) less than 10 years old that has been driven less than 150,000 km. It is not possible to produce a price estimate for imported cars.


Car exchange

The offer is valid for 14 days. The assessment is made on the basis of information provided by the customer (mileage and general condition). Customer assures that the actual condition of the car corresponds to the assessment made. The final price estimate and condition of the car must be confirmed with your Toyota dealer. The price estimate does not take into account financial debt of the car.

If the conditions are met, the Toyota dealer will purchase the exchange car specified in the offer at a price at least equal to the offer when the car is purchased in exchange for the new passenger car selected by the customer when sending the price estimate for this car to the Toyota dealer. The delivery time of a new car may affect the offer.