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Maintenance Packages

As the sun becomes a more familiar sight, thoughts turn to the exciting adventures that summer has in store. To get your Toyota ready for the fun that’s ahead, we offer two maintenance packages for your vehicle's air-conditioning system, that you can’t resist.

  • Climate System Disinfection

    • Improve the air you breathe by effectively killing microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi
    • Save time and money on potential damages on a climate system that is not maintained properly
    • Achieve lower fuel consumption by ensuring optimal operation of the climate system


    Only €35 (VAT incl.)

  • Air Conditioning System Maintenance

    • Improve the efficiency of the A/C system by filling refrigerant and maintaining the air conditioning compressor
    • Save time and money by using refrigerant leak detection fluid and prevent possible damages on the A/C system
    • Benefit from lower fuel consumption of a correctly maintained A/C system


    Only €45* (VAT incl.)

    (*) Only applicable to vehicles using R134a refrigerant gas

Our After Sales team will be more than happy to answer any enquiries you may have.