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Green Month

For us at Toyota, Sustainability and our responsibility towards the environment remain always at the centre of our attention. June is always a special month for us, it is Green month. We reflect on how our actions as individuals, as One Team, impact the environment and the planet and we go beyond to change our habits and give back to the society, our future generations to come and our planet.
For Toyota, Green month first started in Japan in June 1973 and until today we dedicate June as a month to reflect on what we can do better and raise environmental awareness for our teams and the rest of the world.  Through internal Activations we foster a culture which aims towards sustainability and our environmental Global Challenge for 2050.

Larnaca Beach Clean Up

Our team of volunteers partnered up with Larnaca Municipality,and we successfully cleared and significantly improved the condition across the coast of Larnaca. The experience was rewarding and an opportunity for bonding but it was also a time for reflection on how our daily actions can impact the planet and how by uniting and being One Team we can accomplish tremendous results. 

All the waste collected by our team has undergone recycling processes, ensuring it's repurposed for future use.