What is a Plug-In Hybrid?

Evolution of Toyota's hybrid and electric cars

A plug-in hybrid is an electric car and a hybrid rolled into one. It is able to recharge its batteries directly from a household electricity supply, just like an electric car. But it can also run efficiently on a petrol engine, like a hybrid, which means you don’t have to be concerned about running out of charge on longer journeys.

Hybrid evolution

We began our ever-growing Hybrid family back in 1997 and have utilised those years of experience to develop and hone plug-in hybrid technology.

By increasing the capacity of the secondary battery – which stores the energy for the hybrid system – we have been able to extend the cruising range of the electric-only driving mode (EV mode) as far as 25km.

And by extending the cruising range in EV mode, not only will you have the additional economic advantages of lower total fuel costs, including the cost of petrol and electricity, but there are fewer environmental concerns too – plug-in hybrids contribute to lower CO2 emissions, air pollution and petrol consumption.

Further savings can be achieved in countries that offer discounted electricity rates when recharging at night, and, of course, by using energy generated by solar power.

Energy regeneration

Not only does our plug-in Prius leave a lesser footprint on the environment and generally act more efficiently than its conventionally-engined brethren, it actually manages to recycle energy whilst in motion.

Its ‘regeneration system’ captures heat energy generated from coasting without the accelerator applied, and from braking, and converts this into electricity to recharge the battery at a much higher rate than conventional hybrid cars.

This superior efficiency means that on short trips it is possible for our plug-in hybrid to deliver better fuel efficiencies than a conventional hybrid even with empty batteries.

No worry and plenty of power

Away from the city on longer journeys, our plug-in hybrid technology not only eases the worries of running out of charge, but with the instant torque of the electric system working in harmony with the petrol engine, you always have the power you require.

In fact, there’s no compromises to be made with the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: its efficiency, environmental friendliness and sheer joy to drive certainly marks it out as a car of the future.

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