Toyota Wiper Blades

Clearing your way to a safer journey

When it comes to being aware of your surroundings, whether you’re enjoying a country view or keeping an eye out for the car in front, crystal-clear windows are more than just a luxury, they are vital for you to drive safely in your Toyota.

Our genuine Toyota wiper blades are made to the highest quality to give you a clear vision at all times, even on the rainiest of days. Here are the benefits of choosing Toyota wiper blades:
Top quality

Flexible long-lasting rubber that’s resistant to tearing.
Resistant to damage along the micro-edge that contacts the glass.
Unaffected by heat and aggressive chemical agents.
Safety by design
Removes water by up to one second quicker than competitor blades.
Increased visibility can make a big difference to your safety.
Silent running
Operates in virtual silence.
Enhanced driving experience.
Longer lasting
Operates effectively with every sweep of the windscreen.
On rainy days, wipers can sweep around 7,200 times each hour.
The Genuine Toyota Wiper Blade range
We’ve developed a new range of wiper blades that incorporate the latest technology and trends to deliver to the most pleasurable driving experience possible.
Uses modern wiping technology for optimum pressure distribution.
Stylised spoiler safeguards the blade and improves performance.
Universal connector fits a wide-range of wiper arms.
Exclusive coupler, with twin-point design, for even pressure distribution.
Can be used as an upgrade for conventional ‘hook’ arm wiper blades.
Available in lengths ranging from 350 -700mm.
Slim, asymmetrical design, low blade height, integrated spoiler and connector for modern look.
High-strength, stylised spoiler safeguards the blade and improves performance.
Uses modern wiping technology and infinite pressure points for optimum pressure distribution.
Resistant to oil, chemicals, road film, mud, sand, freezing temperatures, tropical heat and detergents.
Test and approved to Toyota Quality standards.
Can be used as an upgrade for conventional wiper blades.
Available in lengths ranging from 350 -700mm.
Integrated metallic spine ensures optimum pressure distribution, wiping quality and durability.
No metal superstructure for better resistance to freezing.
Integrated spoiler for better aerodynamic performance.
Synthetic rubber compound ensures optimum wiping quality and improved tear resistance.
Compact design for an enhanced look to conventional blades.
Integrated adaptor allows for low profile design and easy installation.
Replacing wiper blades
Replacing wiper blades is simple when you know how, so here’s what you need to look out for to ascertain if your wiper blades have reached the end of their lifespan:
The problem:
Thin un-wiped lines appear on the glass as a result of foreign objects on the blade or wearing of the micro-edge.
The solution:
Clean the edge of the blade and if you see no improvement, fit new wiper blades.
The problem:
The blades jump or judder noisily across the glass due to wax on the glass, chemical deposits on the glass or deformation of the blade rubber.
The solution:
Clean the glass and the blade edge and, if you see no improvement, fit new wiper blades.
The problem:
Smears are left on the glass after wiping because the wiper lever or rubber blade edge is deformed or worn.
The solution:
New wiper blades will need to be fitted.
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