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Toyota Isofix Duo Plus Child Seat

For any parent, the safety of their children is of the biggest concern. This is never more the case than when travelling with them in a car. Have peace of mind and keep your children safe with our range of child seats.

Installing child seats

Until recently, installing most child car seats required parents to understand a complex series of instructions, where belts had to be threaded through seats and catches had to be engaged. To show the scale of the problem, a recent survey in the USA by NHTSA found that three out of four children were not secured in their car seats as well as they should have been. Combine this with the fact that car crashes are the leading cause of death to children under 12 and it is clear how important it is for children to be restrained properly.

Our child car seat range

Fortunately, Toyota offers a wide range of child car seats for all ages that incorporate the very best fixings and robust fabrics, and are designed for both comfort and safety.

Our installation guide

Within the range, you will find two models, Duo Plus and KidFix, that are equipped with ISOFIX. This is an international standard for fitting child seats by rigidly attaching the seat to mountings located in between the seats of your Toyota. By using this quick and easy to follow method, you eliminate all of the fitting problems associated with seat belt installation.

You can see how easy it is in four easy stages with our Duo Plus ISOFIX install guide, which you can download below. 

Duo Plus ISOFIX install guide.