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Toyota at The Dakar Rally New car.

New crews. Same passion to push the limits.

Extreme terrains and terrific speeds. We’ve never been able to resist the allure of Dakar, the world’s toughest race. Part of the World Rally-Raid Championship (W2RC), success at Dakar is about more than just speed. Quality, durability and reliability are vital factors. And that’s why we continue to compete—in our endless pursuit to make ever-better cars—not just for sport.

Toyota’s legendary toughness will again be on show in 2024 with an updated version of its Dakar-winning car, now known as the GR DKR Hilux EVO T1U. Competing in the five-round 2024 FIA W2RC, which is headlined by the punishing Dakar Rally, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will field its largest-ever team at the iconic event. With five crews, including two rookie drivers, the team mixes unparalleled experience in the form of Giniel de Villiers with the undeniable pace of new team members, Lucas Moreas and Seth Quintero.

Thanks to the team’s constant development and almost 30,000km of racing and testing during 2023, the even tougher and more efficient GR DKR Hilux EVO T1U is ready to raise the bar even higher in 2024.

Toyota in the W2RC 

Following a hugely successful 2023 season, which saw the team secure an overall win at the Dakar Rally and W2RC titles – for the second consecutive year, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is primed for a new challenge. Its expanded five-crew line-up and updated GR DKR Hilux EVO T1U are ready for the ultimate automotive tests. 

2024 W2RC Calendar

Round 1: Dakar Rally, Saudi Arabia (5-19 January, 2024)

Round 2: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (25 February-2 March, 2024)

Round 3: BP Ultimate Rally-Raid in Portugal (2-7 April, 2024)

Round 4: Desafio Ruta 40 in Argentina (2-8 June, 2024)

Round 5: Rally of Morocco (5-11 October, 2024)

Dakar 2023 highlights

Latest news

“We will continue to make ever-better cars by traversing the wide variety of roads and terrains across the world.”

Akio Toyoda

Not Just For Sport

Tested in the harshest environments by the most dedicated professionals. We take all the learnings and expertise from the Dakar Rally and bring it to your driveway. From the desert dunes to city hills, the new Hilux pushes the limits in the pursuit of making ever better cars.

Forged At Dakar

Resplendent in its new matt black racing livery, the body of the new GR DKR Hilux EVO T1U is 100mm wider than its predecessor and incorporates several refinements. Among these are a new cooling package, an air conditioning unit relocated to improve efficiency, and revised suspension. 

Powered using advanced biofuels that reduce the car’s carbon footprint by at least 70%, compared to conventional gasoline, this rally-raid Hilux has an eye on a sustainable future and sensational victories.

  • GR DKR Hilux EVO T1U


    Engine Management: Motec

    Transmission: Sadev 6-speed, Sequential Shift

Meet the TGR Dakar Rally team

Team 1, Car 206:

  • Lucas Moraes, Driver

    Career Highlights:

    Dakar Rally 3rd overall (Best rookie 2023)

    3-time Brazilian National Champion (2013, 2014, 2018)

    2-time Rally the Sertões champion

  • Armand Monleón, Navigator

    Career Highlights:

    Rally Kazakhstan Winner (2021)

    Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2nd (2021)

    Panafrica Rally Winner (2019)

Team 2, Car 209:

  • Giniel de Villiers, Driver

    Career Highlights:
    Dakar Rally Winner (2009)

    Rally of Morocco Winner (2003, 2006, 2007, 2019)

  • Dennis Murphy, Navigator

    Career Highlights:

    South African Cross-Country Navigator Champion (2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2021, 2022)

Team 3, Car 216:

  • Seth Quintero, Driver

    Career Highlights:

    Youngest-ever Dakar Stage winner (2021)

    Record for most Dakar Stage wins in a single year (2022)

  • Dennis Zens, Navigator

    Career Highlights:

    2 Dakar Rally Stage wins (2023)

    12 Dakar Rally Stage wins (2022)

Team 4, Car 226:

  • Saood Variawa, Driver

    Career Highlights:

    South African Cross-Country Series 2nd (2023)

  • François Cazalet, Navigator

    Career Highlights:

    1 Dakar Rally Stage win (2023)

    FIA W2RC T3 World Champion Co-Driver (2022)

Team 5, Car 243:

  • Guy Botterill, Driver

    Career Highlights:

    South African Cross-Country Series 2nd (2023)

  • Brett Cummings, Navigator

    Career Highlights:

    Dakar Rally 5th overall (2023)

    South African Cross-Country Series 1st (2023)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 300 GR SPORT

    Maximum output: > 253kw (> 344ps)

    Maximum torque: > 815Nm

    Transmission: Direct Shift-10AT (electronically controlled 10-speed automatic transmission)

    Overall length: 4,965mm

    Overall width: 1,990mm

    Overall height: 1,975mm

    Drivetrain: Four wheel drive (full-time 4WD)

Meet the Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (TLC)


Team 1, Car 500:

  • Akira Miura, Driver

    Career Highlights:

    T2 Dakar Rally 2nd (2023)

    T2 Dakar Rally winner (2022)

    T2 Dakar Rally winner (2021)

    T2 Dakar Rally winner (2018))

  • Mayeul Barbet, Navigator

    Career Highlights:

    Rally of Morocco (2023)

    Rally of Morocco (2021)

    Andalucia Rally (2020)


Team 2, Car 501:

  • Ronald Basso, Driver

    Career Highlights:

    T2 Dakar Rally winner (2023)

    T2 Dakar Rally 2nd  (2022)

  • Jean Michel Polato, Navigator

    Career Highlights:

    T2 Dakar Rally winner (2023)

    T2 Dakar Rally 2nd  (2022)

Why compete in the toughest race?

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