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Cabin Air Filter

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of breathing in fresh air, especially in our increasingly urban lives. With Toyota cabin air filters you can enjoy fresh air all the time; they play a vital role in keeping the air inside your vehicle clean, pure, and a pleasure to breathe all year round. Toyota Genuine Parts gurantees Toyota quality.
  • We recommend regularly changing your air filters after every 15,000km, here’s why:

    • The air filters block irritants and pollutants – such as pollen, ozone, dust and exhaust fumes – helping to keep you healthy
    • They keep the air fresh making your journey more enjoyable 
    • They help maintain the performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system in all weather conditions

Types of Filter

With two types of filters to choose between, you can select the one that best suits your personal needs:

Toyota standard cabin air filter

Made from high quality non-woven fabric, the air filter removes major air pollutants before they enter your Toyota.

Toyota enhanced cabin air filter

Made from high quality non-woven fabric with a layer of activated charcoal, it removes 25% more pollutants than the standard filter, including allergens and exhaust gases.

Keep your Toyota fit, healthy, and fresh with Toyota cabin air filters and enjoy a cleaner driving experience.