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Do Hybrids have to be charged?

Innovation without inconvenience

With the exception of the Prius and new RAV4 Plug-in Hybrids, all Toyota Hybrids feature pioneering, self-charging battery technology. They are known as ‘Hybrid-electric’ vehicles because they incorporate two energy sources: a petrol engine and electric motor. This means that unlike pure electric vehicles and plug-in Hybrids you don’t have to plug them in to recharge their batteries.

When the battery runs low in a Toyota Hybrid Electric vehicle, excess power from the engine charges it back up again. That’s not all. Our Hybrids feature regenerative braking, so when you brake or coast, a generator produces electricity to be stored in the battery for later.

If you’re still asking yourself do Hybrids have to be charged? Remember that in a Toyota Hybrid there are no cables, no plugs and no inconvenience. Discover the answers to other popular Hybrid Electric questions below or find the best Hybrid for you in our range.