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Toyota Fuel Cell Business

Toyota is partnering with customers looking for zero-emission fuel cell solutions
To make hydrogen mainstream, the way forward is to increase volume to generate economies of scale and reduce cost. To expand the use of fuel cells, Toyota has formed a new business group to more easily work with partners.  
  • A solution provider

    The dedicated Fuel Cell Business Group established by Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has application engineering, assembly and sales responsibilities. The team interfaces with external partners to guarantee the optimal use of our fuel cell module in the partner’s application of choice. The group therefore plays a vital role as solution provider for customers in a variety of sectors. Practical examples of this approach are already evident. We have recently integrated our fuel cell technology into a number of applications, including buses, trucks and boats. 

  • Integration know-how

    We are also acting as a system integrator with partners to develop, test and establish fuel cell technology as a long-term solution. Not only are we making our fuel cell technology available for external partners, but we are offering our comprehensive integration know-how and our application engineering support to companies in many sectors throughout the European region.   

  • Do business with the industry leader

    Our fuel cell technology integrates individual high-performance fuel cell system-related components, such as the fuel cell stack, with components that handle air supply, hydrogen supply, cooling, and power control in a single compact module. This means that our fuel cell technology can be the right zero-emission solution for a variety of partners. Moreover, our engineers offer full support in adopting the technology into specific applications. This is through mutual cooperation that incorporates technical and commercial requirements, simulation and after-sales. 

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