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GR H2 Racing Concept – the future of racing

The GR H2 Racing Concept previews the more sustainable racing car of the future. Combining a hydrogen engine with a powerful hybrid system, two technologies in which Toyota is a pioneer, it points the way to a carbon-zero society without compromising the speed and spectacle of top-level motorsport.

Winning is everything in motorsport, and the race for a sustainable future is the most important race of all. Introducing the hydrogen-powered GR H2 Racing Concept – for tomorrow’s drivers.

Introducing the hydrogen-powered GR H2 Racing Concept

Unleashing the power of hydrogen

Unveiled at the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours, the GR H2 Racing Concept has been created in response to the ACO’s decision to allow hydrogen-engine vehicles to compete in a dedicated hydrogen category, alongside fuel cell electric cars. This commitment to sustainable technologies inspired the GR H2 Racing Concept, a thrilling expression of hydrogen’s clean-energy potential.

Toyota and hydrogen – a powerful commitment

Conscious of the research and development value of racing, Toyota has been actively involved in the development of hydrogen power in motorsport since 2021. It supports a hydrogen-engine Corolla in Japan’s Super Taikyu endurance racing series, using the platform to refine the powertrain concept and collaborate with partners inside and outside the automotive industry. The goal? To advance clean-energy technology and sustainability in motorsport.

A passion for pushing limits

The GR H2 Racing Concept is a trailblazer packed with innovative technology. At 5100mm it is a little longer than Toyota’s WEC competitor, the GR010 HYBRID hydrogen powered concept, and at 2050mm about the same width. Its powertrain combines a hydrogen engine with an advanced hybrid system, emphasising hydrogen’s potential as a sustainable and exciting energy source for the racing cars of the future.

A vision of motorsport’s carbon-neutral future

A spectacular product of its Beyond Zero ambitions for a cleaner, safer future, the GR H2 Racing Concept is proof of Toyota’s commitment to a carbon-neutral society. Passionate about performance, Toyota is excited to play its part in the creation of a new generation of Le Mans 24 Hour race cars. Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda is clear on the objective – achieve carbon neutrality in racing without sacrificing performance or excitement.