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Making strides towards a smaller carbon footprint

At Toyota, we want a world where people, mobility and nature can coexist. It's why we're pushing boundaries to come up with new and effective ways to minimise our environmental impact and achieve our goal of a more sustainable society. Discover how we go beyond to help create a brighter, better future for all.

Initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint

We’re committed to achieving zero CO2 emissions from production plants by 2050*.  

We're working hard towards this goal with energy reduction initiatives such as utilising wind power alongside all our new innovations that capitalise on hydrogen solutions,  but there's so much more to do. By continuing to optimise processes and develop sustainable solutions, we’ll keep reducing the distance towards our goal. To find out more about please see our plans for reducing our carbon footprint click here (Opens in new window).

Encouraging Change

To drive a movement towards more sustainable mobility, we’re exploring the possibilities of alternative fuels* and how we can increase the use of renewable energy sources. Alternatives energy sources along with greater awareness will lead to higher adoption among new and existing car owners.

Realising our potential

We see a bright future where innovations help speed up our progress towards a carbon-neutral society. By recognising the different needs of consumers, we can provide more accessible mobility solutions and give more people the chance to experience alternative mobility. The better the options, the greater adoption will be.  

Going beyond carbon reduction

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond carbon reduction initiatives. As part of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, we're taking specific measures towards water preservation, promoting a recycling-based economy and preserving biodiversity. From our TMMF plant in France becoming a global leader in water collection and recycling, to TMUK's role model status for biodiversity initiatives since 2004, we're dedicated to creating a more sustainable future. 

To learn more about the steps we’re taking to reduce our environmental impacts, find news, updates and insights on the Toyota newsroom. With incremental goals, a commitment to innovation and environmental initiatives, we'll continue to go beyond for a cleaner, more sustainable future for all. 

*Vehicles may still produce emissions at other points in their lifecycle, e.g. manufacturing, maintenance or end-of-life/recycling.

*Electrification stands for a range of powertrains where a car is propelled by an electric motor to some extent. Some electrified cars also have a petrol engine. Others are entirely electric.

*2050 goals -  Applies to CO2 emissions from energy consumption in Toyota Motor Corporation and financially consolidated subsidiary plants, and CO2 emissions from the production of Toyota brands other than by financially consolidated subsidiaries (Scope 1, 2 + voluntary actions).

*Alternative fuels - synthetic fuels produced by combining CO2 and hydrogen, E-fuels produced by synthesising  carbon in plant waste and air with hydrogen generated from electrolysing water, and biofuels produced from biomass. Find our more here