Spring Health Check

Seeing the first shoots of spring can feel like emerging from a long hibernation – a vitamin boost from a forgotten sun, more time for outdoor fun – and a reminder that, after a harsh winter, it’s time for your Toyota to be given an all-important inspection.

That’s why we offer a low-cost Spring Health Check to our customers. It’s an opportunity for us to examine a number of important areas of your Toyota with the minimum of disruption to your day.

Let’s briefly outline the quick checks your local Toyota Authorised Repairer will carry out during the Spring Health Check:

  • Battery – We will check the condition of your battery to make sure you are ready for summer.
  • Brake System – We will check the condition and operation of brake pads, discs and drums.
  • Air Conditioning System & Cabin Air Filters – For correct heating and cooling performance we will inspect, clean or replace these to maintain interior comfort. 
  • Fluids & Filters – We will inspect engine oil, power steering, brake, and windscreen washer fluids along with the fuel and air filter. 
  • Wiper Blades – We will inspect the wiper rubbers for any splits or tears to ensure the wipers do not smear, streak or squeak as they operate. 
  • Tyre Pressure – We will ensure all tyres are inflated to the recommended pressures.

As well as the inspections carried out above, there are a few simple things you can do yourself to ensure your Toyota is ready for the new season.

  • Wash Winter Away – Use Toyota Car Care products to wash away dirt, grime and corrosive salt that may have built up over winter.
  • Check Tyres – Switch back from winter to summer tyres. Check pressures against those recommended in the owner’s manual and inspect tyre tread and side walls for cracks and damage. 
  • Headlights – Inspect all headlights regularly. Don’t forget to check brake lights, fog lights and indicators are all operating too.

So, make sure you don’t lose a moment of spring; a quick check now means less time fixing a problem that could arise in the future and more time taking relaxing trips in your Toyota!

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