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What does Toyota ProTect do?

Unprotected exterior car paint

If left unprotected, deterioration begins from day one. Pollution, acid rain and UV rays will begin to oxidise the paint.

Unprotected interior

The unprotected seats and carpets in your new car can soak up liquids and dirt, leading to unsightly stains and marks.

Unprotected exterior after 1 year

The paint has started to oxidise and the grime in the low points can only be cleaned by a cutting polish which removes a layer of paint.

Unprotected interior after 1 year

Dirt and spilled liquids have been absorbed into the seats and carpets, causing stains and marks which can devalue your car.

Protected exterior after 5 years

Toyota ProTect protects the paint from day one. There has been no oxidisation, no accumulation of grime, and no reduction in paint thickness.

Protected interior after 5 years

Toyota ProTect’s unique formula has protected and sealed the seats and carpets against staining so your car still looks as good as new.