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Japanese fashion designer behind cult label UNDERCOVER, Jun Takahashi, opens up about his limited edition Aygo X in this exclusive interview with Toyota.

Street meets catwalk

Working with a fashion designer marks an exciting new direction for Toyota and Jun Takahashi, with his unique career spanning Tokyo sub-culture and Paris Fashion Week, was the perfect choice for co-designing this debut car collab.

Overlapping contrasts

From his first time working on an automative project to the unexpected similarities he discovered between Toyota and UNDERCOVER, discover more about what went into this unique project.


“Cityscapes inspired colours that feel typically UNDERCOVER, blending in with everyday life but questioning convention if you look below the surface, and I believe we have a design that is still very much UNDERCOVER while working in harmony with the city.” 

“It was my first experience working on a car, and with Toyota being such a prestigious and innovative Japanese brand, it came with deep emotional meaning and significance.” 

“Both the materials and how we applied the colours differ completely from clothing collaborations. I drive my own car every day and recognise the significance colour can have."

Welcome to Paris, Tokyo

Explore Paris, Tokyo a world inspired by the Aygo X by UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi, with musician Lu, model artist Ali Honcharuk and poet Wilson Oryema.
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