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Ready for your next adventure?
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Ready for your next adventure?

All new Land Cruiser

Ready for your next adventure?

Toyota re-imagines the legendary Land Cruiser. With the rugged and emotional design you’d expect of a reborn icon, new Land Cruiser takes you anywhere you want to go. Built tough, with the reliability and all-terrain technology to redefine what’s possible, your next adventure starts here.

Iconic Land Cruiser styling
Unstoppable 4x4 engineering
Legendary off-road history
Powered by innovation
Origins of an icon
The Land Cruiser story began with the Toyota BJ prototype. It made history in 1951 when it climbed to a remote checkpoint high on Mount Fuji – higher than any land-based vehicle had previously managed. In 1954 the BJ was renamed Land Cruiser, and a legend was born.
First Edition

An icon among icons

The First Edition is unmistakeable, with a unique colour option and a striking bi-tone finish that perfectly complement new Land Cruiser’s heritage-inspired design and iconic round headlamps. Available for pre-sale only, it also features a distinctive lighting signature, bespoke First Edition decals and logos inside the doors.
Truly timeless
Land Cruiser has always transcended shifting trends with its universal appeal – this kind of capability never goes out of fashion. The timeless new First Edition, available for pre-sales only, celebrates that immortality.
Back to the roots
Engineered rather than designed, the original Land Cruiser was a triumph of function over form. That same sense of rugged authenticity shaped new Land Cruiser. With powerful, cab-back proportions and an elemental, uncomplicated aesthetic, this new benchmark 4x4 is the spirit of adventure made metal.

Capability never looked so cool

Every element of new Land Cruiser is there for a reason. The low belt line creates an expansive glasshouse, for excellent all-round visibility. Inset from the corners of the car, the headlights are protected from damage.

Challenge the impossible

20-inch wheels provide impressive all-terrain grip and traction. And thanks to the trapezoidal wheel arches, mud drains easily for effortless progress in the harshest conditions.

Above you only sky

Land Cruiser’s full-length panoramic roof is made for cinematic moments. Wherever your adventure takes you, let the world in.

Superb all-round visibility

Difficult driving conditions demand clear lines of sight. In Land Cruiser you sit high, the view of your surroundings unobstructed by the low, horizontal dashboard.

Intuitively in control

Informed by feedback from Toyota’s professional rally drivers, the function-critical area around the gear lever is an easy-to-use masterclass in ergonomics.

Space to spare

Flexible and versatile, the vast load space can be made bigger still by folding down the second and third rows of seats.

Get to know
Land Cruiser

Go anywhere and back

A 4x4 like no other

Designed to roam far from the beaten track, Land Cruiser uses the rigid new GA-F platform, complete with agile and refined electronic power steering. Long-travel suspension and stabiliser disconnection mechanism (SDM) ensure huge wheel articulation.

Never get stuck

Land Cruiser’s timeless silhouette isn't just about good looks. The reinforced, rigid frame under the body work ensures better manoeuvrability and driveability. Whilst short overhangs and a raised stance create the ground clearance and wading depth to go where others fear to tread.

Meet every challenge

Multi-Terrain Select optimises the suspension and powertrain for different terrain. And when the driving gets technical, Crawl Control looks after speed so you can focus on wheel placement and steering.


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