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Chaos and balance

Introducing the unique limited-edition collab with influential fashion designer Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER.

The Hidden City

Welcome to Paris, Tokyo

In his own words, the Japanese streetwear legend describes his first ever car collab with Toyota on the Aygo X as, “A design that is still very much UNDERCOVER while working in harmony with the city.” 



Innovators in their respective fields, Toyota and UNDERCOVER have reimagined the Aygo X as a showcase for the best of both brands, a new icon of the subversive spirit Jun Takahashi is known for. 

Limited edition

The colour of non-conformity

Inspired by Takahashi’s design philosophies of non-conformity and breaking stereotypes, design updates include an exclusive Celestite Grey and Ash Grey bi-tone execution specially developed by Toyota.

  • Exclusive Celestite Grey and Ash Grey Bi-Tone
  • Coral Red accents
  • Monogram pattern
Design features

A different kind of collab

Coral red accents for the black 18” alloys and interior, branded seats and floor-mats, and his CHAOS / BALANCE motto spelled out in roof stickers illustrate how this is anything but your usual car collab.  

Why the Aygo X

Something more interesting

“We knew UNDERCOVER could further expand the strong character of the Aygo X,” said Tadao Mori, Head of Styling Design for Toyota Europe. “Fashion design and car design share a lot in common but Jun introduced us to something more interesting and unexpected.”