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Genuine Parking Sensors Offer

Benefit Up To 25% Discount

Parallel parking on today’s busy roads or squeezing into a tight space in a crowded car park is enough to test the nerves of even the most experienced driver.  The parking aid system is a big help because it takes the guesswork out of judging distances to obstacles.


    • Front sensors – ultrasonic sensors in the front, which activate automatically at a speed lower than 20 km/hour
    • Rear sensors – ultrasonic sensors in the rear, which automatically activate when reverse gear is engaged
    • In-car warning – becomes progressively more frequent the closer the car gets to the obstacle.
    • Clear signals – warning beeps are different to the normal reverse warning beeps
    • Cancellation switches – optional switch for rear sensors.

    • Additional safety – when space is tight, the guidance given by the parking aid system is a big help in avoiding accidental scrapes.
    • Benefit up to 25% discount
    • Toyota 1 year warranty