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On the road to Paris 2024 with Toyota

The largest sporting event in the world

In 2024, the world's biggest event will take place in Paris and across France.

As the Official Mobility Partner of the Paris 2024 Games, Toyota is dedicated to fostering a peaceful, inclusive society through sport and promoting sustainability through innovative mobility solutions.

  • Every step in the field counts

    European Champion Milan Trajkovic is pushing the boundaries and not letting anything stop him from achieving his goal of securing every qualification.

  • Every step in gymnastics counts

    Marios Georgiou, the European Gymnastics Champion, is surpassing all expectations as he relentlessly pursues his goal of winning gold at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, despite the challenges posed by his injury.

Leaving a legacy

Offering sustainable transport is more than just a commitment to reducing emissions at the 2024 events. It's a promise to leave a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship at the Olympic Games and Paralympic games. And that’s not all. By showing the world how to switch from traditional transportation methods to zero-emissions alternatives, we can speed up the transition towards a carbon-neutral society. 

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