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Aygo X

More than just a collab

Toyota and UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi have created a limited-edition Aygo X that breaks boundaries

Jun Takahashi

The cult of UNDERCOVER

Japanese fashion designer Jun Takahashi, talks about working with Toyota on his reimagining of the iconic Aygo X, “A design that is still very much UNDERCOVER while working in harmony with the city.” 

Cross-Industry creativity

When two legends come together

Introducing the unique new collab with influential fashion designer Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER. A limited-edition Aygo X that showcases the best of both brands, inspired by the subversive spirit Jun Takahashi is known for.

The Hidden City

Welcome to Paris, Tokyo

Explore Paris, Tokyo a world inspired by the Aygo X by UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi, with musician Lu, model artist Ali Honcharuk and poet Wilson Oryema.


Experimental multidisciplinary artist Lu is a talented singer, cellist and producer whose previous collabs have shifted seamlessly from underground to mainstream, bringing contrasting worlds together to create the unexpected.

Chaos and balance

Join Lu, Ali Honcharuk and Wilson Oryema as they navigate a shifting cityscape, both real and virtual, inspired by iconic fashion designer Jun Takahashi. 

Ali Honcharuk

Stepping off the SS23 UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi catwalk into the unexpected world of Paris, Tokyo, Ukrainian model Ali Honcharuk is also a talented ceramic artist who expresses her creativity by sculpting exciting new forms.

Wilson Oryema

Wilson Oryema is an established poet and activist, as well as model, giving him a unique perspective that spans industries, just like the meeting of Toyota and UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi.
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