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Creating safer journeys with Toyota T-Mate

At Toyota, we want every driver to experience the joy of driving and feel safe at the same time. For decades, we've been at the forefront of advanced safety and automated driving technology, with a mission to reduce traffic casualties. Our Toyota T-Mate solutions are designed to provide safe, accessible, and convenient support tailored to each individual. Join us as we go beyond to create a safer future of mobility.

Always in safe hands

Every driver wants peace of mind on the road. Our Safety Sense features, such as the Road Sign Assist showing speed limit signs in the meter and Pre-Collision System, making use of sensors, radars and cameras to alert you of hazards and offer brake assistance to avoid collisions. Adaptive Cruise Control also adjusts your speed to maintain your distance from other cars, while Lane Trace Assist keeps you centred in your lane to make motorway driving safer. When you’re protected on every journey, every journey can be a positive one.  

Park with peace of mind

Parking your car can come with stress, but our parking assistance features make it easier and safer. With Toyota Teammate Advanced Park offering auto-controlled acceleration, steering, braking and gear shifting (model specific), manoeuvring is significantly smoother. Plus, with a Panoramic View Monitor giving you a 360° view of your surroundings, and the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Intelligent Clearance Sonar watching out for obstacles, you can avoid knocks and collisions. 

Drive with confidence

We want you to enjoy every moment behind the wheel, and our driving assistance features make this possible. The Blind Spot Monitor keeps you aware of surrounding vehicles so you can change lanes and overtake with confidence. And the Adaptive High-Beam ensures optimal visibility at night without dazzling drivers in the opposite direction.  
Looking forwards
But there are so many more possibilities for further development, and there will always be challenges to overcome through new and exciting innovations. No matter who you are, how old you are, or how many years you’ve been driving, there are a number of factors that can impact your driving ability. So we’re developing game-changing automated driving for the shifting needs of the driver behind the wheel, with future technologies including Toyota Chauffeur and Guardian. 
We’re going beyond to create a driving experience that’s easier, safer and more enjoyable. 
To learn more about 5oyota's safety and automated driving technology click here (Opens in new window) or find news, updates and insights on the Toyota newsroom.
The technologies we are referring to operate under some conditions and within certain limits. For instance Lane Trace Assist keeps you centered if the lines are continuous and clearly painted, and also it can stop working if there is a steep turn, etc.