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Toyota Levels Up
The Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

For us, mobility means more than just cars, it’s the freedom of movement for all. Take our new stair-climbing vehicle concept, places that were once off-limits will soon be within reach for wheelchair users, unleashing countless new experiences.

iBot: Every Step Counts

We first partnered with DEKA to create the iBOT, a motorised chair that could walk up and down stairs—going where other wheelchairs have never been able to. Our new concept has built on this knowledge to make inclines an obstacle of the past.

JUU: The Joy of Mobility

We’ve gone beyond to develop the JUU concept, a new electric wheelchair that liberates users to travel anywhere unassisted.

From Off-Limits to Limitless Possibilities

We’re exploring even more advanced functions for the JUU, including the ability to autonomously load itself into the rear of a car after you’ve boarded the vehicle and even return to the driver's seat when you want to exit. 

Kayoibako: One-of-a-kind Mobility

The JUU can also be integrated into the cockpit. Our flexible Kayoibako concept vehicle can be customised to offer easier access for wheelchair users, allowing the JUU to be used as a driver’s seat, and the vehicle to be entirely hand-operated using the NEO Steer—our reimagined steering wheel.
We’re committed to continuing to grow our ecosystem of mobility concepts. Find out more and stay up to date with these revolutionary technologies at our Toyota global newsroom.