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Designing a vision of the future

A car's design is the first thing people notice. It’s what sets it apart. So we give the design process the attention it deserves to make sure every detail is considered from start to finish. Join us as we go beyond to transform automotive design and shape the future of cars.

Creativity meets innovation

Our award-winning design studio, Toyota Europe Design Development (ED²), is a team of skilled creatives who are passionate about pushing boundaries and delivering advanced concept proposals that challenge the status quo. With a focus on cutting-edge exterior, interior, and Colour, Material and Finishing (CMF) design, they always strive for something unique and peerless.  

From concept to creation

From an initial sketch to the moment a new vehicle hits the streets, ED² brings exciting concepts to life. The Toyota C-HR prologue epitomises this. Created by the team at ED² with the aim of making the iconic C-SUV even bolder and more exciting, the idea became a reality just two years after appearing at the Paris Motor Show in October 2014. Ken Billes was among the design team tasked with taking the Toyota C-HR prologue to a level beyond what had been achieved before.

Beyond Aesthetics

We believe that designing cars is about more than satisfying customers' tastes. Our designers at ED² consider the ecosystems our models live in, expanding their scope beyond style and comfort to realising a vision. By both designing and building cars in Europe, we can define the shape of sustainable and innovative vehicles for the future.
We are constantly looking towards the future, designing the cars that drive change and innovation . Our transformative designs are continuously refined as we strive to create vehicles that improve people’s lives. Stay up to date with our latest news and insights on the Toyota newsroom.