The Toyota Mirai

Bringing the future into the present

Twenty years ago, we introduced Hybrid technology with the pioneering Prius, and thanks to its flexible Hybrid architecture we were able to embark on another journey of innovation with Mirai: a revolutionary new car that makes less impact on our planet, but is guaranteed to leave an impression on you, on every journey.

It’s time to discover more about the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that’s bringing the future into the present…

More about Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai: a start for the better Toyota Mirai: a start for the better With Mirai, we are making a start for the better, to ensure that we can enjoy a future that cares about the environment. Toyota Fuel Cell Concepts Toyota Fuel Cell Concepts Toyota's new Fuel Cell Sedan is the result of two decades of pioneering research and development, so the time is right to look back at 11 fuel cell concepts that have been instrumental in bringing the car to mass market. The Toyota Mirai The Toyota Mirai The Mirai signals the start of a new age of vehicles. Discover how the Mirai achieves superior environmental performance with the convenience and driving pleasure expected of any car. Toyota FCV Concept Toyota FCV Concept The electric-blue FCV is our pioneering hydrogen-powered fuel cell concept car, and the design of its exterior gives some clues as to just how radical an innovation this vehicle is.