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Toyota Mirai


Built on a whole new platform with longer wheelbase, New Mirai is wider and lower. This gives a lower feeling of gravity and delivers maximum stability. The longer rear overhang completes the aerodynamic feel.


The Mirai provides a remarkably quiet drive, with unparalleled ride comfort. Revolutionary Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology delivers true 0‑emissions motoring, with 650 km of extensive driving range.

Interior Technology

Toyota Mirai gives you complete control with high-end technology at every turn. With the extra-large Head-Up Display projected onto the windscreen, you can see your next direction, road signs, speed warnings and monitor your road position with Lane Trace Assist.


  • Cleaner air, wherever you drive

    The Toyota-first Air Purification System eliminates harmful pollutants like Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Every year, an adult breathes approximately 4,730,400 litres. Every 10,000 kilometers, the Mirai cleans the same volume of air.

  • Toyota's most advanced parking system

    This fully automated parking system takes control of your steering, pedal and shift systems, and eases to a stop wherever you choose.


Toyota Safety Sense – technology that reads the road for you.

  • Automatic High Beam

    Automatic High Beam is designed to optimise visibility at night for all road users. It switches automatically between high and low beam, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on the road.

  • Adaptative Cruise Control

    Will follow the forward vehicle within the set cruise speed while maintaining an appropriate distance. It helps reduce driver burden while on highways.

  • Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control

    Using a camera to detect the lane markings in the road, Lane Departure Alert will alert the driver with audible and visual warnings and provide corrective steering if the vehicle deviates from its lane

  • Lane Trace Assist

    Lane Trace Assist uses either the lane markings on the road ahead or the driving path of the vehicle in front to estimate its position on the road.

  • Emergency Steering Assist on Pre-Collision System

    Helps prevent collision from occurring, and even when a collision does occur, it will help minimize the damage. With Emergency Steering Assist to enhance steering in event of potential collision and Intersection Turn Assistance to provide additional safety at junctions.

  • Road Sign Assist

    Road Sign Assist monitors the road signs ahead, displaying useful information such as the current speed limit in clear view on the colour TFT cockpit display.


The same way as you use a petrol pump, refuel in under 5 minutes at a hydrogen station.

Fuel Cell vehicles emit approximately the same amount of water vapour per mile as petrol powered cars.

Viewed as an industrial commodity today, Hydrogen is readily available from a variety of natural sources.

Since 2007, fuel cell prices have already halved. With increasing development, expect to see hydrogen fuel cells everywhere.

Hydrogen tanks are made of carbon fibre and are thoroughly tested. They are just as safe as other vehicle fuels like diesel and natural gas. Hydrogen is a new fuel source.

Hydrogen has been used in industry for many years as a source of fuel for buses, forklift trucks, boats and even rockets.