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We believe in a world without limits.

  • Toyota prototypes shown. Not for sale.


    A new mobility service for everyone.

    e-Palette is a next-generation battery electric vehicle (BEV) developed specifically for "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS*), which applies technologies like electrification and connected and automated driving. e-Palette provides services such as transportation and commerce to support customers' lives.

    *Combination of "autonomous" and "mobility as a service" describing Toyota's mobility services using automated driving vehicles.

  • Toyota prototypes shown. Not for sale.


    Virtual mobility robots that amplify human capabilities.

    Toyota’s T-TR1 concept robot demonstrates the potential of virtual mobility and how robotics can amplify a person’s ability to maintain connections between people and places.

  • Toyota prototypes shown. Not for sale.


    Building an emotional bond with its driver.

    “LQ” is a concept vehicle that leverages advanced technology to build an emotional bond between car and driver under a core development theme of “learn, grow, love.” LQ is equipped with automated-driving capabilities and “Yui,” a powerful artificial intelligence-powered interactive agent designed to learn from the driver and deliver a personalized mobility experience. The name “LQ” expresses Toyota’s hope that this approach will “cue” the development of future vehicles that enhance the relationship between car and driver.

  • Toyota prototypes shown. Not for sale.


    Responsive and remote-controlled robotics.

    Designed to mimic the soft touches of human movement, T-HR3 helps expand people’s mobility in their own home or workers’ abilities and safety in the workplace.

  • Toyota prototypes shown.


    The next stage of FCEV technology.

    This totally redesigned Mirai is a major step forward for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and a potential hydrogen society.

  • Toyota prototypes shown.

    Sora - Fuel Cell Electrified Bus

    Convenient and eco-conscious.

    Named for the water cycle (sky, ocean, river, air), this fuel cell-powered bus has been refined in form and function to support the mobility of all citizens while protecting the environment from harmful CO2.

  • Toyota prototypes shown. Not for sale.

    C+walk T

    An assistant that makes getting around easy.

    The stylish C+Walk T is designed to help people with mobility issues go about their day-to-day lives more easily and more securely. Electric, compact and easy to manoeuvre, it's ready to go whenever you are.

  • Toyota prototypes shown. Not for sale.

    Micro Palette

    A delivery robot with personality.

    This little autonomous robot was designed to do big things. Whether making convenient door-to-door package deliveries or helping move warehouse inventory, the Micro Palette can do it with a "smile." "Humanity" is an essential part of its behaviour, allowing it to deliver with heart and feeling to customers.