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Mobility concepts leading the way

At Toyota, we’re always innovating. Always looking forward. Now we’re going beyond expectations again with a new vision for cars. At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, we presented our latest concept vehicles and new ideas. From a motorcycle-inspired cockpit to a BEV for the moon. Join us as we keep pushing for ever-better mobility.

The legacy continues

The electric Land Cruiser Se concept takes a Toyota legend a step further. More durability and better handling than its predecessors. Astounding on-road quietness and high-torque driving performance, as well as a three-row cabin for optimum space. 

Vision of progression

A zero tailpipe emissions*pick-up. For urban as much as rural settings. The EPU concept marries electric power to adaptable functionality. Two-row cab and extendable deck-space for life lovers and fun seekers. Provides for all manner of hobbies and lifestyles, from surfing to road tripping.  

The extraterrestrial BEV

Beyond in engineering. Beyond this world. 

Designed for motoring on the moon. Takes on boulders up to 50cm tall and climbs steep 25° slopes. Transforming the landscape of lunar and space exploration. A small step becomes a giant leap. 

The future in everyone's hands

New and intuitive. The NEO Steer is all hand operated. The cockpit reimagines the steering wheel to be more like motorcycle handlebars, integrating the functions of accelerator and brake pedals for easier accessibility. It’s progress, powered by the belief that better lies ahead.  

Urban versatility

Designed for urban areas, this electric new compact space concept is perfect for small businesses, shuttle services, and last-mile cargo delivery firms. With a modular floor design and customisable software, the electric van can be configured as a mobile shop by installing product display shelves, a minibus by installing additional seats, or a personal vehicle by personalising everything to the tastes and needs of the owner.  

Let's change the future of cars

At the Japan Mobility Show 2023 we showed new technologies that enable drivers to control vehicles without accelerator or brake pedals, including from a standing position or wheelchair. 

Exciting concepts for the future of cars

This is a quick snapshot of the transformative work in progress. But every innovation counts towards our wider mission to revolutionise the future of cars. To learn more about the forward-thinking technology, design and engineering fuelling this mission, visit the Toyota newsroom. Together, let’s go beyond to create a better future of mobility.  
*Vehicles may still have emissions at other points of their lifecycle, e.g. their manufacturing, maintenance or end-of-life.