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Enjoy the functionality of your Smartphone while driving your Toyota thanks to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®. 

What is Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto?


Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® give you the ability to control selected apps from your mobile device on the car’s multimedia display screen. Smartphone integration is easy to use, giving the driver access to Maps (Google/Apple), News and music, whilst advanced voice control allows you to make calls as well as send and receive text messages safely whilst driving. (Available for vehicles shown at the bottom of the page).

Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® functionalities

Discover below the multiple features offered by Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®.

  • You can control Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto® through Siri or Google Assistant voice control,to access the features of your connected smartphone. This enables you to interact with your phone without needing to take your eyes off of the road.
  • Activate the Maps function and your Toyota vehicle will guide you to your destination through the integrated dashboard display. 

    Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® are compatible with other third-party Maps applications, such as Google Maps, so you can circulate with the app that best suits your taste and needs.

  • Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto® phone section gives you the ability to access your contacts book, make voice dials, and see your call history.
  • Through the use of Siri and the Google assistant, you are now able to send and receive text messages whilst driving. Simply tell Siri or Google Assistant what you would like to do, whether it’s to send, reply or read a message. The system will read your messages and WhatsApp's aloud allowing you to concentrate on driving, the system will also dictate messages through voice recognition.
  • Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® give you access to all of your favourite music from compatible apps you have on your phone such as Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and more. You can access your music through the multimedia screen or by asking Siri / Google Assistant to play the song / playlist you want to listen to..
  • Access a multitude of apps compatible with Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto® audio, messages, maps, and voice, such as Whatsapp®, Spotify®, Google Maps™,Google Play Music®, Podcasts, Audiobooks, News, Weather, and many more...

How does it work?


    Establishing an Apple CarPlay connection
    1. Enable Siri on the device to be connected 
    2. Connect the device to the USB port using a high quality cable
    3. Select “Always Enable” on the Toyota Multimedia Display 
    4. Press Menu on the Toyota Multimedia Display 
    5. Select Apple CarPlay on the Toyota Multimedia Display to Update Settings


    Establishing an Android Auto connection 
    1. Download the Android Auto App on your Android Smartphone 
    2. Allow Permissions on your Android Smartphone 
    3. Connect your Android Smartphone to the USB Port in your Toyota 
    4. Press MENU on the Toyota Multimedia Touchpad 
    5. Select Android Auto on the Toyota Multimedia Touchscreen Display


  • For iPhones, the following smartphones and software version are supported when using Apple CarPlay®: 
        • iPhone® 5 or newer (minimum iOS 11)

  • For Android, the following software versions are supported when using Android Auto®: 
        • Minimum Android 5.0 (Lollipop) 
        • Recommended Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Contact your local Toyota dealer, if you are not able to download Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Contact us today to schedule a smartphone integration retrofit solution.