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Toyota C-HR

Sporty, provocative, and packed full of fun, Toyota C-HR prologue represents the dawn of a new era for our iconic crossover. No motor show fantasy, but a bold statement of what’s to come, the concept is infused with the same rebellious spirit and sensual style as the original and much-loved Toyota C-HR.
From 412/Month
From 425/Month

Cash Offer

  • €1,000 Discount
  • Trade-in* your old car and get additional €1,000 discount


Toyota Easy Offer

  • Trade-in* your old car and get €1,000 discount
  • 3 Years of Free Maintenance & Repairs
*Valid from 14.05.2024 to 31.07.2024

*The trade-in offer is valid for a limited number of vehicles in stock. We accept trade-ins from all brands, not limited to Toyota.

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