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Corolla Cross Active


Toyota Corolla Hatchback
Pure White (040)

Starting from


Financing From

519,00 €/Month

Financing Details

Standard Engine

2.0 l Hybrid Dynamic Force

Standard Warranty

3 years / 100,000 km
Toyota Corolla Hatchback

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Explore in 360°

  • Design

    Designed for everyday family life

    The Corolla Cross gives everyone something to smile about. Offering all the toughness of a robust family car with intuitive SUV design – it’s perfect for the everyday.

  • Confidence to go anywhere

    Wherever you’re going, the Corolla Cross 5th generation hybrid won’t let the family down. Intelligent all-wheel drive and strong reverse hill climb mean you’re always prepared, all year round.

  • For your most precious cargo

    Few things are as unpredictable as family life. Fortunately, the Corolla Cross is equipped to handle any challenge thrown your way.

  • Toyota T-Mate - with you for a safer journey

    For class-leading safety functions, Corolla Cross is built with T-Mate – your helpful driving partner. T-Mate is a series of systems designed to support you and make driving safer, whether you’re on the motorway, in the city or parking, T-Mate makes sure you’re always in safe hands.

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