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Corolla Cross Style
Features & Specs


Corolla Cross - Style - 5-door
Pure White (040)

Starting from


Financing From

519,00 €/Month

Financing Details

Standard Engine

2.0 l Hybrid Dynamic Force

Standard Warranty

3 years / 100,000 km
Corolla Cross - Style - 5-door

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Toyota T-Mate - with you for a safer journey

For class-leading safety functions, Corolla Cross is built with T-Mate – your helpful driving partner. T-Mate is a series of systems designed to support you and make driving safer, whether you’re on the motorway, in the city or parking, T-Mate makes sure you’re always in safe hands.


Simplify everyday

When you're busy and on the move, it helps if everything is in one place. The MyToyota app on your smartphone does exactly that. Offering intelligent connectivity between your smartphone and car, MyToyota does everything from sending service maintenance updates and notifications. The Hybrid Coaching feature analyzes your driving and tells you how you can improve fuel efficiency on the road. MyToyota makes driving more fun.