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Toyota Homecharge. Power for adventure.

Feel energised every day

Discover the feeling of true freedom with Toyota HomeCharge. When you start every day with a full charge of energy, it’s liberating. You feel you can do more and explore further. You have the power, now go beyond.

Start your adventure

Unlock the potential of your plug-in hybrid or all-electric Toyota without compromising the electricity in your home.

Compact and connected

Did we mention, the HomeCharge unit takes only 40 minutes to install and can be used with other car brands. 

Complete control

Conveniently schedule your charging from inside the car or via the MyToyota app when electricity prices are at their lowest and your Toyota will be ready to go when you are. 

Peace of mind

Relax knowing you can recharge quickly and more reliably than a domestic socket.

More charge, more fun.

Start each day knowing you can travel further and enjoy more driving experiences. With Toyota HomeCharge, you never have to worry about running out of energy so you can do more of what you love.

With Toyota HomeCharge, you can experience the freedom of readily available energy at your fingertips. The world is yours to explore, so why not go beyond and discover something new.

To learn more about Toyota EV technology, visit the Toyota newsroom for news, updates and insights.