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Toyota Deam Car Art Contest 2023

Back in 2004 we had a dream to create a contest that would unite the imaginations of children across the world. We wanted bright young minds to develop a keen interest in cars and electrify us with their creations. All we ask them is one thing: imagine what their dream car would be...

The global contest has attracted more than 6.2 million entries from children in more than 100 countries worldwide since 2004, so you don’t want to miss out on the 16th annual competition. 

We proudly present you our 9 winners!!

  • The Prizes

    The top three artworks have been selected in each age category, with the Gold winners receiving an Nintendo Console Switch OLED Joy-Con, Silver JBL Pulse a 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Bronze winners receiving a Smartwatch.

    All Cyprus 9 winners will be put forward to the World Contest, in which a grand prize winner from each category and two special award winners will be selected. The grand prize winners and special award winners will receive $5,000 to spend on educational resources and supplementary prizes of $10,000 will also be awarded to their school or college to spend on educational resources. The 21 Best Finalists in the global competition will also receive $3,000 intended to be used for educational purposes.


  • GOLD: Naya Christodoulidou

    The new adventure of today:  "My dream car is a new adventure seeing the world all around on magical adventures with fresh air because of special megnatic boots that stick on top of Toyota new adventure of today car."
  • SILVER: Maria Choursoulidou

    The flying happiness car:  - "My dream car has two huge hands, which are its wings that helps it to fly very high. I love it because my beloved relatives are far away and when I am sad I get in my dream car which takes me to them super fast.."
  • BRONZE: Anastasia Shiekkeri

    Animal magic:  "My dream car looks like many animals together and its purpose is to help our planet by offering water, medicine and homes. My car is driven by kids who have a magical way to fullfill wishes and dreams "


  • GOLD: Arianna Constantinou

    Tropical birds ambulance:  "My dream car rescues birds in the tropical forest!"
  • SILVER: Ioannis Shiekkeris

    Language Car:  "The limits of my language mean the limits of my woeld'' Based on the quote of Ludwig Wittgenstein. I drew a casr that travels to other countries so the languages cal lighten my world and bring my closer to new experiences, people & cultures."
  • BRONZE: Alexios Ntolesides

    Bicycle car that travels to peace and unites nations:  "Peace to conquer the world and all wars to stop.


  • GOLD: Ksenia Frolova

    Pomegranate car:  "My car can drive in different universes. It works on a warm. It doesn't pollute the environment. It has many light bulbs inside which look like pomegranate seeds. If you want to drink something it will give you water or fresh pomegranate juice.."
  • SILVER: Anna Bychenko

    Keeping traditions, creating the future:  "The happy future of our planet is possible if only the new century's technology is based on the respect of longlasting traditions and nature. That is why my dreamcar is based on those traditions and flies on everlasting positive emotions. Wherever my car flies it spreads love and fortune to people. Without happiness the future we are building is not bright.."
  • BRONZE: Natalia Pitri

    Colourful love car that spreads hope & peace:  "My bright & colourful dream car, spreads colour to the grey of destruction and offers love & happiness to the kidss that live with the fear of war. Its bright looks and the help that if offers lighten up the darkness of devastation and brings hope and peace."

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