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Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2022

Back in 2004 we had a dream to create a contest that would unite the imaginations of children across the world. We wanted bright young minds to develop a keen interest in cars and electrify us with their creations. All we ask them is one thing: imagine what their dream car would be...

The global contest has attracted more than 6.2 million entries from children in more than 100 countries worldwide since 2004, so you don’t want to miss out on the 16th annual competition. 

We proudly present you our 9 winners!!

  • The Prizes

    The top three artworks have been selected in each age category, with the Gold winners receiving an Nintendo Console Switch OLED Joy-Con, Silver JBL Pulse a 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Bronze winners receiving a Smartwatch.

    All Cyprus 9 winners will be put forward to the World Contest, in which a grand prize winner from each category and two special award winners will be selected. The grand prize winners and special award winners will receive $5,000 to spend on educational resources and supplementary prizes of $10,000 will also be awarded to their school or college to spend on educational resources. 

    The 15th World Contest will be held in 2022, in which awarding prize money intended to be used for educational purposes will be continued and Japan trip including award ceremony will be resumed on the premise that Covid-19 pandemic ends






  • GOLD: Ioanna Savva

    Carou Car: I would like my dream car to make all the kids in the world happy!
  • SILVER: Stavriani Antoniou

    Propolis Car: A fantastic dream car. It collects energy from the sun and that's why it has got photovoltaics. It collects pollen from the flowers and the propolis and makes coronovirus to go away.
  • BRONZE: Christodoulos Christodoulou

    Colourful car: A car that loves the environment, with no emmissions on;u colours, music and happy feelings for the whole planet.


  • GOLD: Sofia Koncheva

    The BeeMobile: My car can fly with its solar panel wings which make the ecofriendly. It also helps bees by collecting pollen. The wheels allow it to move on land also. 
  • SILVER: Ksenia Frolova

    Teleport: My car can instanlty deliver a person to any point in the Universe. It works for the positive emotions of all living beings.
  • BRONZE: Ioanna Kokkinou

    Technology miracle for clean oceans: This machine makes any chemical element and garbage dissappear from the ocean and creates a healthy and clean environment for a better future.


  • GOLD: Melina Alvani

    The ride of joy: With this car you can see thing that make you happy while driving to your destination, and the car is fueled by happiness. 
  • SILVER: Natalia Pitri

    Driving away from the pandemic: My dream car will help us to get rid of the coronovirus and it will transform our masks into a joyful air balloon that weill set us free.
  • BRONZE: Constantinos Constantinou

    Vacation in the solar system: I would like in the near future, humanity to take advantage of knowledge and experience, to overcome earth's boundaries to open up a new exploration and discovery horizons.

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