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The 13th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Back in 2004 we had a dream to create a contest that would unite the imaginations of children across the world. We wanted bright young minds to develop a keen interest in cars and electrify us with their creations. All we ask them is one thing: imagine what their dream car would be...


  • GOLD: Ioannis Shekkeris, Age 6,5

    Mythology Car Against Pollution:  "Car inspired by the Aztecs dragon who blows away everything bad and all pollution sources.His skin absorbs CO2 and he exhales oxygen."
  • SILVER: Alexandros Konstantinou, Age 7

    Happy Car  - "A friendly car that makes everybody happy."
  • BRONZE: Stefania Theodorou, Age 7

    Spider Gardener Car:  "A spider who is planting seeds and helps the environment to grow."


  • GOLD: Anna Pegasiou, Age 11

    Drive your dreams, make your dreams happen:  "My dream car will make my dreams come true and lead me to my goals for the future. A magic, colourful, drive!"
  • SILVER: Irene Mavrides, Age 10

    Life can be beautiful:  "My dream car will drive misery and war away and will bring joy, food, flowers, clothes and a good life."
  • BRONZE: Antigoni Giannakou, Age 8

    Everybody deserves a war hug:  "Inspired from a well known fairy-tale my dream car, will make blankets to warm up those in need."


  • GOLD: Simona Balabanova, Age 15

    Beauty of the environment:  "My dream car cleans the environment, collecting trash & recycling it into fuel.."
  • SILVER: Yuri Einor, Age 12

    Gears of the future:  "The machine builds a desired automobile and creates a floating, life-like simulation of the car's performance."
  • BRONZE: Yinjie Cui, Age 12

    12 o' clock:  "The theory behind this artworks is about a dark and possessed world which is about to fall apart. However, there is still hope. Can Toyota save the world just before 12 o' clock?"