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The 10th National Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Back in 2004 we had a dream to create a contest that would unite the imaginations of children across the world. We wanted bright young minds to develop a keen interest in cars and electrify us with their creations. All we ask them is one thing: imagine what their dream car would be...


  • GOLD: Gavrielli Argirou, Age 6,5

    Toyota butterfly book:  "Books are so precious! They give us education, joy, they excite our imagination they make us dream. My Toyota Butterfly Book flies to countries where children don't go to school to provide them knowledge."

  • SILVER: Vasiliki Raouna, Age 6,5

    The air car of love  - "My air car can transfer whoever in need, with love. Even a sad disabled child who wants to play with his friend, but he can't. "

  • BRONZE: Ioannis Siekkeris, Age 7

    Dragon awakening:  "Climate change is here. The Toyota dragon inspired by Seneca Indians who loved nature, wakes upset from the bottom of the ocean and comes to worn that our earth is in danger."


  • GOLD: Irene Mavride, Age 11

    Cutting the electronic addiction:  "I am dreaming of a car which like scissor will cut the addiction from the electronic devices and will drive us back to the enjoyment of mother nature."

  • SILVER: Massimiliano Vitale, Age 11

    Deep dive:  "The dream I would like to come true is for my car to cleanup all the rubbish in the ocean so wild life can stay healthy."

  • BRONZE: Anna Bychenko, Age 10,5

    Toyota sphere energy:  "My dream car can travel through any wonderlands. It's super eco and it has anti-gravity. It runs on sun energy and has all the facilities for comfortable travelling. It can produce oxygen inside and out."


  • GOLD: Simoni Stefanou, Age 13

    Hug car for the earth salvation:   "My dream car flies, hugs and protects the planet earth with its huge mechanic hands. It produces oxygen and trasports it to the earth. My dream car also offers trees for planting..."

  • SILVER: Iryna Konnova, Age 12

    Cosmos mini black hole cleans the planet:  "Using the unique properties of a cosmos black hole, a machine with a mini black hole was produced. Planet clean. Environmental problem resolved."
  • BRONZE: Anastasia Ailioti, Age 14

    My dream car:  "The dream that I would like to fulfill is to travel to many countries. That's why I draw a flying car-spaceship which can go to many planets as well, quick and fast!"