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Express Service

Double the Expertise, Twice the Speed!

Experience the road to efficiency with our Express Service. Double the mechanics, double the speed, and double the satisfaction – all for your convenience.

Elevate your Toyota service experience with Express Service and get back on the road swiftly, with the same quality and professionalism you trust. Book your appointment today and experience the difference!
Video showing two mechanics working together on a vehicle.

Double the speed

Two mechanics work on your car simultaneously, reducing wait times. With two mechanics dedicated to your car, you can kiss those long, frustrating wait times goodbye. We prioritize your car's service, so you can be back on the road faster.

Enhance expertise

The double-team approach allows for a more comprehensive inspection of your vehicle. With two sets of eyes and hands on the job, quality and precision are guaranteed. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we've got it all covered.

Customer convenience

It's all about convenience, from start to finish. No need to request a courtesy car. While you wait for your Toyota's swift service, relax in our comfortable waiting room, and explore the latest Toyota innovations, knowing your vehicle will be ready in no time.

No extra cost

We believe in transparency and fairness. With Express Service, you get the benefit of two mechanics working on your car without any additional costs. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our priority.

What's included?

Periodic maintenance

Two highly skilled mechanics work on your car simultaneously, reducing wait times.  An extensive check is carried out on the vehicle following Toyota manufacturing standards while the Oil and all the filters are checked and/or replaced

Exterior inspection
Interior inspection
Brake and tyre inspection
Under the hood inspection
Under the vehicle inspection

Exterior inspection

• Windshield condition • Wiper’s front/rear • Headlights/Fog lamps • Turn Signals • Rear Lamps • Reverse Lights • Exterior Lamps • Door Opening/Closure • Exterior Body Condition

Interior inspection

• Cabin Air Filter • Floor Mats • Seat belts operation • Electric switches: lights • Horn • Warning lights • Brake/clutch pedals • Air conditioning system

Brake and tyre inspection

• Brake pads and Brake Discs • Brake Fluid Leaks • Brake Cleaning • Tyre Thread Depth Measurement • Tyre Check & adjust Pressure

Under the hood inspection

• Engine Oil Check / Replacement • Fluids level check, leaks, and top-up • Check accessory belts condition

Under the vehicle inspection

• Fluid leaks check • Exhaust system/heat shield • Front/Rear Shock Absorber Leaks • Front/Rear Suspension Check • Front Hub Bearing Check



Additional services

Feel free to visit us at your convenience to take advantage of any of the listed services below. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive outstanding care and service during your visit.


The car battery is crucial for the vehicle's electrical system to work properly. • Battery Diagnostic • Battery replacement • Terminals inspection & repair


Does your windshield need to be replaced or need a quick repair? • Windshield repair • Windshield change

Air Conditioning

Vehicle air conditioning contributes significantly to the overall comfort, safety, and well-being of passengers. • Check for leaks • Belts check and replacement • A/C system cleaning • Compressor Oil top-up • Recharge A/C system


Tires play an important role in your vehicle's handling performance, driving comfort and fuel efficiency. • Rotation & Balance • Tire tread measurement • Seasonal Change

Technical Inspection Preparation

We can check and prepare the vehicle before going for the technical inspection.