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Toyota Presents: The Beyonders

At Toyota, we believe that small steps add up to big leaps forward. As do others. Meet the “Beyonders” in a series of inspiring stories featuring extraordinary people taking steps beyond what anyone thought possible.

Beyonders Stories

  • Every step on stage counts

    Ofentse Pitse goes beyond barriers in music, creating her own orchestra and becoming South Africa’s first black female conductor.

  • Every step in gymnastics counts

    Marios Georgiou, the European Gymnastics Champion, is surpassing all expectations as he relentlessly pursues his goal of winning gold at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, despite the challenges posed by his injury.

  • Every step in the field counts

    European Champion Milan Trajkovic is pushing the boundaries and not letting anything stop him from achieving his goal of securing every qualification.

  • Every step in designing cars counts

    Toyota’s designer, Ken Billes goes beyond design conventions to create his vision, seeing cars as vectors that allow us to come together and discover new things.

  • Every step on the track counts

    Kazuki Nakajima goes beyond limits to win his first Le Mans 24H, firmly believing in “naseba naru” - “you get out, what you put in”

Let’s Go Beyond

At Toyota, we believe that small steps add up to big leaps forward. Every step towards designing a car that improves lives. Every step in supporting Toyota athletes to achieve their ambitions, as a major sponsor of the Olympics. Every step in pushing technology to win the Le Mans 24H for the fifth time consecutively. Every step counts, to take us further than we ever thought possible.
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