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Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2024

Back in 2004 we had a dream to create a contest that would unite the imaginations of children across the world. We wanted bright young minds to develop a keen interest in cars and electrify us with their creations. All we ask them is one thing: imagine what their dream car would be...

The global contest has attracted more than 6.2 million entries from children in more than 100 countries worldwide since 2004, so you don’t want to miss out on the 17th annual competition. 

We proudly present you our 9 winners!!

  • The Prizes

    The top three artworks have been selected in each age category, with the Gold winners receiving an Nintendo Console Switch OLED Joy-Con, Silver a Samsung Tablet A7 Lite and Bronze winners receiving a JBL Tune Headphones & Xanlight night light astrolite!

    All Cyprus 9 winners will be put forward to the World Contest, in which a grand prize winner from each category and two special award winners will be selected. The grand prize winners and special award winners will receive $5,000 to spend on educational resources and supplementary prizes of $10,000 will also be awarded to their school or college to spend on educational resources. The 21 Best Finalists in the global competition will also receive $3,000 intended to be used for educational purposes.


  • GOLD: Savvas Sophocleous

    Car sun and cloud:  "Car sun and cloud that send its warmth and dew to the world and the universe with very beneficial fruits."
  • SILVER: Margarita Stylianou

    Car that repels war away:  - "My dream car keeps people away form war. It takes them to a happy world with football pitches, fun parks, theatres, and a lot of green."
  • BRONZE: Angelos Kolotouros

    A heavenly music car:  "It is a heavenly music car with colours as beautiful as a rainbow. It takes you to places so beautiful and magical like music. It gives joy and make mesmerizing sounds. "


  • GOLD: Anna Mavrommati

    The car with the heart superpower:  "My heart superpower car works with solar power. Its innovative human heart shaped filter absorbs all bad things like war, hunger, fear and releases love, peace and security into the environment, creating a world where heart is the harmony regulator of the planet!"
  • SILVER: Paris Andreou-Hadjipavlou

    The ecological magic flower machine: "My dream car is super ecological. It creates beautiful colourful flowers instead of emissions. This way wild bees will be able to continue pollination. Environmental destruction can drive bees to extinction and with no food for animals & humans. My dream car will save the planet with its magical engine."

  • BRONZE: Christiana Daniel

    Toyota of the future creates miracles:  "The Toyota extracts the poison from the mushrooms and use it instead of fuel. Recycled poison turns magical parts which spread into nature, whoever touched them gains superpowers and turns into positive people animals."


  • GOLD: Marios Themistocleous

    The flying city car:  "The flying city car travel everywhere. It's a whole city that moves by itself. It has everything and you can go everywhere."
  • SILVER: Kiahna Elizabeth Friend

    The Toyota star car:  "The Toyota star is a celestial car that transforms arid land be seeding magical forests filled with trees, whimsical creatures, exotic fruits and sparkling waters. It's magical touch creates vibrant ecosystems connecting the enchanted world to humanity. Harmony can be realised, we just need a bit of magic."
  • BRONZE: Alexandra Fterakides

    Forest rangers of the future:  "Eco friendly animal car used to bring love to the world. They work using the vibrant laughter and social power"

Take a closer look to the 2024 winning artworks....

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