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  4. Scope of the Toyota Relax Warranty

Appendix 1 - Scope of the Toyota Relax Warranty

The owner of the vehicle is entitled to have mechanical, electrical and electronic defects attributable to manufacturing or assembly repaired at no extra-cost wherever possible, as long as the conditions described in this document are respected.

1. What does Relax covers? 

If all conditions listed have been met, Relax will cover the cost of repair:

Air conditioning / Heating
Heater Core; Heater Flaps and Motors; Heater Fan Motor; AC Compressor; Condenser; Evaporator; Receiver/Dryer Unit; Heater Controls; Heater Valve; Evaporator Temperature Sensor
Automatic Gearbox Transaxle / Transmission Case; Gears and Shafts; Selectors; Electronic Actuators; Brake bands; Clutches; Valve Block; Oil Pump; Oil Cooler; Electronic Control Unit; Hubs; Bearings and Bushes; Seals and Gaskets; Shift Linkage and Cables; Torque Converter; Gear Lever
Body Sunroof (Toyota Genuine only); Sunroof Motors (Toyota Genuine only); Door Locks; Bonnet Release Cable; Tailgate Struts; Wiper Spindles; Manual Seat Frames; Seat belt mechanism; Factory Installed Accessories; and Hub installed accessories in so far these are uploaded by the NMSC in CWS within three months after first vehicle registration
Brakes ABS Control Unit; ABS Components; Speed Sensors; Brake Booster; Brake Pipes; Disc Brake Calipers; Brake Discs; Brake Drums; Linkages; Limiter Valves; Brake Master Cylinder; Brake Fluid Reservoir; Wheel Cylinders; Vacuum Pump
Cooling System Coolant Level Sensor; Cooling Fan Relay; Cooling Fan Sensor; Engine Coolant Temperature Switch or Sensor; Engine Fan; Viscous Fan Clutch; Radiator; Radiator Cap; Thermostat and Housing
Diesel Fuel System Diesel Fuel Injection Pump; Fuel Pump; Air Flow Meter; Electronic Control Unit (ECU); Throttle Position Sensor; Fuel Injectors; Cold Start Glow Plugs; Tank Sender Unit; Fuel Tank
Driveline Constant Velocity Joints; Universal Joints; Rubber Boots limited up to 160.000 KM (excluding drive shaft boots); Half shafts; Drive shafts; Bearings; Bushes; Couplings; Seals and Gaskets
Electrical Starter Motor; Alternator; Coils; Wiper Motors; Washer Pump Motors; Turn Signal Relay; Heater Fan Motor; Horn; Manually Operated Switches; Airbag Spiral cable; Electronic Ignition Unit; Relays; Heated Screen Elements; On-Board Computer (Trip Computer); Window Motors/Regulators; Power Window Switch; Mirror Motors; Remote Controls in Keys; Central Locking Solenoids; Airbag Sensors; Central Lock Control Unit; Internal Light Delay Unit; Gauges; Clocks; Speedometer & Speed Sensor; Tachometer; Wiring Looms (for short circuit); Electric Seat Motors; Cigarette Lighters; Sensors; Heated Seat Elements; Alarms (Toyota Genuine only); Headlamp Lift Motors; Spark Plug Leads; ECU’s and software reprogramming (except for DTC erasure only)
Engine Engine Cylinder Block; Balance Shaft; Camshaft; Cam Followers; Rocker Arms; Valves and Guides; Crankshaft and –bearings; Crankshaft Pulley; Cylinder Heads; Cylinder Head Gaskets; Conrods; Equipment Drive Shaft; Flexplate / Drive plate; Flywheel; Starter Ring Gear; Idler Pulley; Oil Pan; Oil Pressure Switch; Oil Pump; Pistons and Piston Rings; Piston Bearings and Bushings; Seals and Gaskets; Timing Belt; Timing Belt Tensioners; Timing Belt Idler; Timing Chain; Timing Gears; Turbocharger; Turbocharger Intercooler; Turbo Waste gate; Rocker Covers and Sealings; Water Pump; Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve; Oil Cooler; Oil Filter Housing; Knock Sensor; Oxygen Sensor; Metal Cables (different from electrical wiring)
EV Components Drive motor and inverter with converter
Hybrid Components (when above 5years and 100,000 kilometres base warranty cover)  Hybrid Battery Control Module; Hybrid Control Module; and Hybrid inverter with converter
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Components Fuel Cell Air Compressor; Fuel Cell Boost Converter; Fuel Cell H2 Tanks; Fuel Cell PCU (Power Control Unit) and Fuel Cell Stack
Manual Gearbox Clutch Master Cylinder; Clutch Release Cylinder; Clutch Fork and Pivot; Clutch Cables; Clutch Linkages; Transaxle / Transmission Case; Gears and Shafts; Syncromesh; Hubs; Bearings and Bushes; Seals and Gaskets; Shift Linkage and Cables; Gear Lever
Petrol Fuel System Fuel Pump; Electric Fuel Pump; Air Flow Meter; Electronic Fuel Injection System; Electronic Control Unit (ECU); Throttle Body; Fuel Injectors; Fuel Pressure Regulator; Tank Sender Unit; Fuel Sensors; Fuel Tank; Fuel Gauge
Steering Power Steering Gear; Steering Box; Gear Housing; Rack and Pinion; Power Steering Pump; Power Steering Reservoir; Seals; Bearings; External Linkage; Tie Rod; Steering Column; Joints; Idler Arm
Suspension  Front and Rear Springs; Torsion Bars; Track Rods; Stub Axle; Cross Members; Sub frames; Wheel Bearings (limited up to 160.000 KM); Hubs; Shims; Lock Nuts
Transfer and Differential  Central Differential; Differential Case; Differential Crown wheel and Pinion; Shafts; Gears; Bearings; Bushes; Differential Hubs; Transfer Levers